Commodore 64-sx Keyboard getting stuck?

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Mon Jul 11 18:13:36 CDT 2005

 That sounds similar to the keyboard on my Sun at work
( the one I'm typing on now ). About 3 years ago, I spilt
Dr. Pepper on it. It immediately stopped working.
I took it apart and washed the layers one at a time and
dried them. It is still working today.
 I can imagine that replacing missing traces would be
a little more difficult. I'd think that the current
through most of the wires is quite low and one might
try using some of the repair stuff for windshield
heaters. If that didn't work, a last resort might
be to use some small wire wrap wire and melt a channel
into the plastic layer to keep from deforming the stack
of sheets to much.
Just some thoughts.

>From: "Ethan Dicks" <ethan.dicks at>
>On 7/11/05, Louis Florit <florit at> wrote:
>> Hi, I pulled out my 64-sx out of the box it's been stored with in
>> anticipation of getting my JiffyDos upgrade installed into it.  To my
>> dismay, when I plugged it all in and powered it on, the keyboard
>> wouldn't work properly.  Any of the keys have to be pressed multiple
>> times (3 to 10 times) in order to get the character to show up on
>> screen.
>> Any suggested remedies?  I'm wondering if the keyboard contacts are
>> just a little dirty and need a little cleaning, but I wanted to check
>> with the gurus before prying it apart.
>Unfortunately, the SX-64 keyboard is made entirely differently than
>PET and C-64 keyboards... the SX keyboard is layers of mylar with
>printed traces.  The traces have been known to oxidize over time,
>rendering the keyboard inert.  You can try to be as careful as you
>can, but I have seen plenty of dead keyboards from attempts to repair,
>and have never seen a successfully repaired keyboard.  If you manage
>to work out a successful technique, please share it with us.  I myself
>have two SX-64s, two good keyboards and two dead keyboards (neither by
>my hand).
>One possible solution would be to wire up an appropriate switch matrix
>to a the correct DB25 pinout and completely replace the native SX-64
>keyboard.  It would be functional, but not as portable.  I don't want
>to say there's zero chance of repairing the original keyboard, but it
>would be an accomplishment to do so.

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