Commodore 64-sx Keyboard getting stuck?

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Wed Jul 13 00:36:35 CDT 2005


I have had similar problems with my SX-64 in the past as well. What it
turned out to be for me was some loose connetions inside the computer. Once
I open it up and reseat all socketed chips and any edge connectors with the
boards inside everything worked fine again. Never had a keyboard go bad on
me yet (knock wood), this has always fixed it up right away for me.

Hope this helps,
Greg Manuel

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> Subject: Commodore 64-sx Keyboard getting stuck?
> Hi, I pulled out my 64-sx out of the box it's been stored with in
> anticipation of getting my JiffyDos upgrade installed into it.  To my
> dismay, when I plugged it all in and powered it on, the keyboard
> wouldn't work properly.  Any of the keys have to be pressed multiple
> times (3 to 10 times) in order to get the character to show up on
> screen.
> Any suggested remedies?  I'm wondering if the keyboard contacts are
> just a little dirty and need a little cleaning, but I wanted to check
> with the gurus before prying it apart.
> Thanks,
> Louis
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