What about TSX+ ? was Re: Where can I get DECmail-11?

Wai-Sun Chia waisun.chia at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 01:06:04 CDT 2005

On 7/13/05, Doc Shipley <doc at mdrconsult.com> wrote:
> Lyle Bickley wrote:
> > These ZIPs contain the TSX Plus system files, docs, applications, etc.  I also
> > found out the they "lost" the source code to TSX Plus when changing system
> > (IIRC).
> >
> > You can contact Harry (email above) or I'll be glad to contact him again to
> > see if I can generally release the "TSX.ZIP" he sent me (If others are
> > interested).
>    Definitely I'm interested!

Hate to be a metoo, but me too! :-)


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