HHC Basic memory problems

David Betz dbetz at xlisper.mv.com
Thu Jul 14 06:27:36 CDT 2005

I think I have this problem figured out. The RL-H1400 has only 4k of  
memory. If you press the I/O key after a cold start you'll find that  
you have around 3123 bytes of memory free. If you then enter Basic  
and type in a one line program, say:

100 print "hello"

and then press the clear key to get back to the top menu you'll find  
you have only about 2 bytes free. If you try to reenter Basic you get  
the error message about not enough memory. You'll also notice that  
the filesystem has a file called "B". That must be the Basic  
workspace. It seems to take up pretty much all of the available  
memory and it is why you can't create any more files after having run  
a Basic program.

The solution seems to be to type the "bye" command to exit Basic  
rather than just pressing the clear key. This must free up the  
workspace before exiting. If you do that after having typed in the  
one line program above you'll find that you still have around 3098  
bytes left. You should then be able to reenter Basic and select the  
file you saved the last time and run it again.

So, it looks like I have Basic working. I still haven't been able to  
find any information on SNAP though. I have seen some references that  
suggest that only the SNAP runtime is built into the HHC. Apparently,  
development was done on another machine. I would still be interested  
in finding a description of the SNAP language and maybe documentation  
on the runtime if anyone has any.


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