IDE hard drive on original IBM AT?

Richard Beaudry richard.beaudry at
Thu Jul 14 15:07:10 CDT 2005

Hello all,

I have two "true-blue" IBM ATs, both the early motherboard revision. 
I have the following questions:

- Is it possible to use an IDE hard drive instead of MFM?  I have
tried several different drive/controller combos, and nothing works so
far :-( .  The drives are small ( < 100 MB), so it's not a geometry
issue (at least, I don't think so :-) )

- Is anyone running an early rev. AT with an IDE drive?  How did you do it? :-)

- I Google'd a bit, and someone mentioned not only upgraded disk-based
setup programs, but also upgrade BIOSes for the AT.  Does anyone have
an upgraded setup disk or BIOS that they'd be willing to copy for me?

Thanks all!
Rich B.

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