Swap offer - vintage computers for a boat

Tony Eros tony.eros at machm.org
Fri Jul 15 11:21:36 CDT 2005

I have a unique problem.  No, not that one -- this one...

I want a boat.  A nice little bowrider so I can take the family out on the
Chesapeake.  Problem is, my wife says I can't have any new toys until I do
something about the ones that are taking up so much space around the house,
basement, garage, and storage barn.  Namely, my vintage computers.

So, in the spirit of "kill two birds with one stone", I had a flash of
insight, or perhaps a mild stroke.  Is there anyone on the list with a boat
they're not using that would be interested in trading it for some vintage
iron?  Possibilities include:

IBM 1130
DEC PDP-11/45
Xerox 6035
DEC Edusystem (11/34 with dual RK05 & TU10 tape)
IBM 5120

These systems are in Delaware.

I figure, it couldn't hurt to ask...

-- Tony

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