Need contact information for dkdkk

Doc Shipley doc at
Fri Jul 15 21:08:38 CDT 2005

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Glen Goodwin wrote:
>>Okay, so what do you hope to accomplish?  Do you really think
>>you can convince him -- or bully him -- into *not* buying
>>whatever he wants at whatever price he's willing to pay???
> Maybe.  Maybe it'll be useful just to vent at him.  Maybe it'll be useful
> to let him know he's pissing off half the community with his stupid bids.

   I'm having trouble understanding how "more than I could afford" 
automagically equals stupid.

   I came into a small inheritance last spring and paid stupid money for 
several Amiga items off eBay.  I wanted them, I had wanted them for a 
while, I could *afford* them, and I bid on them till I won them.

   Stupid?  I dunno.  My spousal equivalent sure doesn't understand why 
hat stuff is worth so much to me.  But I have to say that a year later, 
I'm still getting my money's worth.  I'd say that subjectively, each 
piece was worth what I paid.  What its objective value might be, I don't 
give a damn.  It ain't for sale.

   Furthermore, and I think it's you that usually points this out, each 
item was worth about $5 less than my price to at least one other collector.


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