Rescued: Data General Nova Boards

Jay West jwest at
Fri Jul 15 21:27:02 CDT 2005

Bruce wrote...
> Our our expanding Data General museum has been promised a Nova 2 system 
> that
> is currently in Mexico which
> has a COI Linctape system.  The computer was working until several years 
> ago
> in a production control facility, and the
> D-10632 board might be just the thing to help us restore this promised COI
> unit.

You got the whole system with linctape drive and the controller is missing? 
*GRIN* I'm just kidding around. Like I said, I doubt seriously I'd ever put 
my linctape on the DG.

Now, what I'd really like to find is a paper tape reader, 8" floppy drive, 
or ET-style dasher terminal. THOSE would really help complete my DG setup :)


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