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Sat Jul 16 20:12:34 CDT 2005

I was going to ignore this as usual but there are some things here that
definitely need replying to.

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005, Teo Zenios wrote:

> I am starting to feel that the hostility a few of you mega collectors have
> against ebay is realy a fear that somebody else can get their hands on
> equipment that might of ended up in your collections cheaper through
> contacts instead of a "fair" open market.

This doesn't make any sense, but what I think you're trying to say is that
the "mega collectors" don't want other people to have what they do?  I
guess I can consider myself a "mega collector" but I harbor no such
feelings.  The only other way to parse your sentence makes my head hurt if
I try to respond, so I won't bother.

> Is this going to turn into what has happened in the stamp market where
> dealers were caught price fixing material at auctions for their profit?

What are you insinuating?


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