Need contact information for dkdkk

Joe R. rigdonj at
Sat Jul 16 21:17:20 CDT 2005

At 08:55 PM 7/16/05 -0500, James Rice wrote:
>Tony Duell wrote:
>>I don't collect computers (or cameras, or anything else for that matter) 
>>as an investment for my old age. I collect them becuase I am truely 
>>interested in them. Finding out how they work, the clever bits of design 
>>that went into them, that sort of thing.  If my collection became 
>>financially worthless I wouldn't worry. I'd carry on hacking them.
>Neither do I Tony.  It's not an investment, my retirement fund or 
>anything else but a hobby.  I collect what I do because I like unique 
>hardware or operating systems and I like to figure out what makes them 

  There is a thrill in owning a system that used to cost megabucks 
>but I managed to get for a few dollars.

   That's one of the parts that I most enjoy. It's like a treasure hunt to
me and I enjoy the trill of discovery. That's why I have little respect for
people that want to do nothing but sit at their desk and buy off of E-bay.
And I have NO patience when they start whining and complaining about E-bay
prices!  If they don't like E-bay prices then get out and find their own
stuff!  There's plenty of it available.  For example, Friday I picked up
TEN FH 8" Shugart floppy drives in minty condition AND a HP 9835A AND a
Diablo RK-05 compatible disk drive. Cost = $0.00


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