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James Rice jrice54 at
Sat Jul 16 23:33:18 CDT 2005

Joe R. wrote:

>   That's one of the parts that I most enjoy. It's like a treasure hunt to
>me and I enjoy the trill of discovery. That's why I have little respect for
>people that want to do nothing but sit at their desk and buy off of E-bay.
>And I have NO patience when they start whining and complaining about E-bay
>prices!  If they don't like E-bay prices then get out and find their own
>stuff!  There's plenty of it available.  For example, Friday I picked up
>TEN FH 8" Shugart floppy drives in minty condition AND a HP 9835A AND a
>Diablo RK-05 compatible disk drive. Cost = $0.00
>     Joe
I enjoy getting out and scrounging as much as the next person.  
Unfortunately, I work 60-80 hours a week which cuts into time for 
treasure hunting therefore ebay has to be my primary source a lot of the 
time.  I do frequent the LowEndMac swap list, check out surplus places 
in the DFW area when I'm out of service calls and network with some 
other collectors who share my specific interests too.  I've been known 
to drive to Austin on a Saturday just to check out Goodwill there.  My 
biggest bitch is that electronics surplus stores seem to be dying out.  
As new equipment gets cheaper and cheaper, less seems to be ending up in 
store and more at the recycler's dump. As an example, I really miss 
Software Etc in Allen.  As a Mac collector, it was my second home.  They 
survived on resale of older PeeCee stuff.  As new equipment got cheaper, 
the profit from older stufff grew slimmer.  Finally they closed the store.

--  The Texas State Home for Wayward and Orphaned Computers

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