Charles Simonyi to marry Martha Stewart?

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Sun Jul 17 10:37:10 CDT 2005

Charles Simonyi and Martha Stewart have been an item for years, but this is
the first I've heard that it was serious.

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> I read this in the Globe* tabloid tonight whilst standing in line at the
> grocery store, so take this with a dash of pepper and some cumin perhaps,
> but the story is that Charles Simonyi of Xerox PARC and Microsoft fame is
> supposedly marrying Martha Stewart**.  I've met Mr. Simonyi and, if true,
> I can say she couldn't have picked a nicer guy ;)
> * a tabloid in the US is generally considered a gossip rag
> ** for those who may not know, Martha Stewart is the reigning media queen
> of home decorating and crap like that.
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