Need contact information for dkdkk

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Sun Jul 17 15:53:44 CDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 16:03 -0400, Tim Shoppa wrote:
> >> [difficulty interacting with museums in my and Tony's experiences]
> > That really surprises me - I've never had a problem since I was there
> Maybe Tony and I have fundamentally "bad attitudes" or something.  Even
> though Tony and I are by no means clones, compared to your average guy
> off the street we are probably indistinguishable :-).
> In this case "bad attitude" == knows the technical side of all the things
> we want the museum to be doing, but does not know the right language/
> people to talk to.

Heh, possibly... I think a lot of the time museums spend too much time
trying to attract people who can do a bit of everything - which is all
well and good, but sometimes you just need people who are focused on one
particular aspect of the daily running, and recognising how valuable
they are can easily get overlooked.



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