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I would love to see pictures of the ends of the ATR cable. I have some ATR
cards and we will be putting one on display soon but I have never seen a
cable or the wall box.

In later versions of IBM token ring the wall mounted box (MAU) did do
something, but in original IBM TR it was strictly passive. It had some
switches to take devices out of the ring manually, but no electronics. Since
ATR was earlier than that I doubt that the wall box had any active function.


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> Question for Apollo fans - when setting up an Apollo token 
> ring, is it really as simple as just chaining the machines 
> together in a loop? I seem to remember the manuals (the few 
> that we do have) mentioning plugging in to wall-mounted 
> boxes, but it's not clear if those are just for cable routing 
> or whether they actually do something more important. 


> cheers
> Jules

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