Working? MicroVax 3600 free for the taking, imminent disposal

Jonathan Gevaryahu Jonathan.Zvi.Gevaryahu at
Tue Jul 19 08:48:15 CDT 2005

A digital MicroVax 3600 and its requisite heap of media has recently been trashed by the physics department at Drexel University. 
It is sitting in the hallway of the 7th floor of Disque Hall (building 12) at 3141 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. (Thats through the glass doors which are facing the gardens/walkways which are in the remains of 31st street, to the right toward market street once inside, then up the elevators to the 7th floor)

The machine is intact, and according to someone I asked, it powered up and worked fine when tested 3 months ago.

The machine includes an enormous pile of backup tapes, both spool and cartridge type. (the MicroVax 3600 has the RA-82 and TK-70 drives needed to read both types of media installed)

The machine is the size of a narrow but tall washing-machine, and probably weighs around 300 pounds. Bring a Van or Minivan with the seats taken out! Also, the closest parking spaces are on the other side of chestnut street, (the nice little lot in front of disque has a gate blocking entry now...) I may be able to assist in moving the machine, depending on my class schedule.

Also available is a large pile of Tape backups and spool backups from 1987 through 1991 at least. According to someone I asked, they contain experimental data from experiments run during that time. I know the tapes are compatible with any Video 8 videocassete recorder (which some camcorders use).

I would take the machine myself, but I don't have the means to transport it and I don't have the space to store it.

According to someone I asked, the machine is scheduled for disposal sometime later this week, so get it QUICK!

If you need assistance moving the machine or dealing with Drexel security, email me at jzg22 @t drexel d0t edu
(@t = @, d0t = .)

Jonathan Gevaryahu
lord_nightmare @t users d0t sf d0t net
jzg22 @t drexel d0t edu

P.S. Al Kossow: I'm sorry I never got back to you in february about the votrax manual, my life's been pretty hectic over the last 6 months. I'll email you later this week.

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