Power and the RA82

Kevin Handy kth at srv.net
Tue Jul 19 11:58:33 CDT 2005

McFadden, Mike, A wrote:

>I once had a chance to walk through my neighbor's basement in an old log
>cabin summer house where he had lots of knob and tube wiring right about
>head height.  He was in the process of figuring out which circuits were
>connected to it and how to replace it.  The nails were set into the edge
>of the 2 X 6 floor joists.  It was scary since the floor joists were
>only 6 feet off of the concrete floor that had been added over the
>original dirt and rock.  I've got poor peripheral vision and I was
>afraid of sticking my head up against the wires.  

>I think it's gone now.
Burned down?

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