local demolition of SAGE building

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> On Tue, 19 Jul 2005, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> > I'm following the links from radomes.org and reading with interest about
> > SAGE.
> > At mitre.org it says:
> >
> > -When complete, the AN/FSQ-7 weighed 250 tons, and required a 3,000kW
> > -power supply and over 49,000 vacuum tubes. When SAGE became fully
> > -operational, it relied on 24 AN/FSQ-7s; they remained in service
> > -until the Air Force ended the SAGE program in 1983.
> >
> > Is this TRUE? Did they actually use  vacuum tube computers up untill
>     You betchum.  I worked on the one at McChord AFB (25AD) from January
> until August of 1983.  It was shut down shortly after that.  Even more
> amazing, it was still doing the job up until the end.  By using both
> active and standby system, we had the ability to cover the airspace from
> California up to British Columbia.
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How many vacuum tubes would need to be replaced yearly, and how would a few
breaking affect the functioning of that equipment in real time?

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