local demolition of SAGE building

C Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Wed Jul 20 17:55:50 CDT 2005


After reading this description of the building, I immediately recalled a 
building that I've seen around here.  While helping my sister and her 
husband move, I saw a very solid looking building, that had Go Away 
written all over it.  I wondered what it had been, or what was in it 
now.  After doing a bit of reasearch, I now find that it was part of a 
SAGE installion!  Wow, something really cool in my very own home town!

Here it is then:


Here it is now:


As you can see, it looks to be in pretty good shape!

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

John Boffemmyer IV wrote:
>    Anti-blast from the past was built to last
>    If it goes, the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment building won't go 
> easily. Its thick, lead-reinforced concrete walls were intended to 
> withstand the ravages of a nuclear holocaust. Only a direct hit could 
> have taken it out.
>    The building was designed in the mid-1950s as part of a network of 
> identical information-gathering centers built throughout the country 
> that was supposed to protect the country's nuclear bomber fleet. Its 
> designers intentionally made it so nondescript that only a handful of 
> military personnel even knew of its existence or purpose.

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