Sage II computer

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jul 21 15:10:36 CDT 2005

> So yesterday (or was it the day before) I won the following Sage II computer on 
> ebay:
> The seller wanted $35 for shipping, but being local, I knew I'd have an 
> advantage since I can just pick it up.
> I never used one, but I recall them as being pretty sexy for the time.  The 
> machine comes with no documentation.  Fortunately, even though the auction 

It's a reasonable 68000-based machine. It's got 2 serial ports (one of 
which is used for the user's terminal), a parallel printer port and GPIB 
as standard.

It's all on one PCB, right on top under the cover. Testing signals on IC
pins is _trivial_. All the ICs (anoe are custom, either) are in sockets.
The user manual, which I have, includes schematics. 

Not a bad machine for hardware types :-)


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