11/34a help

John A. Dundas III dundas at caltech.edu
Fri Jul 22 11:24:29 CDT 2005

Recently recovered a /34a with the following configuration:

/34a-DE with KY11-LB
M9301-YF terminator/boot
M7856 DL11-W
RK11-D (with RK05F and RK05 drives)
M7846 (with dual RX01)

and the following that I'm not at all familiar with:

Jorway Model 411 CAMAC?  Looks like a Massbus cable going into it.

Applied Magnetics Trendata memory board MM-135?:

ACT quad board that appears to be 4 serial ports; it has 4x40-pin 
Bergs that sound link a Quadralink (?) that was mentioned recently on 
the list.

Any information on these last three items would be greatly 
appreciated.  I'm more familiar with LSI CPUs and /70 or /84 machines 
so the /34 should be fun.



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