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   Does he by chance have any photo's of the Compugraphic 7770?   My 
grandparents used to run a microfilm and graphics company and they used 
to have this monster sized system that took up one room on their office, 
it was blue and black and I remember it being a Compugraphic 7770.


William Maddox wrote:

>The gentlemen who sold me the classic PDP-8 recently
>told me that he had worked in the early 70's at an
>outfit called Varisystems.  They made dedicated
>typesetting systems, one of which he had installed to
>replace the PDP-8.  He showed me a few bits and pieces
>that he had saved, including a wire-wrapped TTL CPU, a
>core stack, and a removable (technician-only)
>diagnostic panel. From the panel, I concluded that it
>was most likely a single accumulator machine.  Has
>anyone else seen one of these machines or know any
>more about them?
>There was also an auction on eBay recently of some
>spare parts for a Compugraphics typesetter that
>indicated that it too was based on a proprietary CPU.
>The machine in question was from the late 60's.  I had
>never heard of them until the 80's, when they were
>building systems around the PERQ (!!) and funding some
>development work at CMU.

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