Gene Buckle geneb at
Sun Jul 24 12:36:26 CDT 2005

Jay West wrote:
> James wrote....
>> Gene Buckles's seems to be down.  Does anyone know if 
>> it's permanent  and did anyone mirror it?
> I host on the classiccmp server. Server is up.... a 
> quick look-see seems to be a DNS issue as isn't 
> responding. If the admin for doesn't fix their stuff 
> soon, let me know and I'll alias it under - DNS works 
> there ;)

Sorry guys.  My DSL was down all day yesterday due to Qwest 
fumble-fingering a configuration change. (I think)  Since I do the DNS 
for, it was unavailable.  Sorry!  This was the first 
serious outage I've had in something like 4 years, so I consider myself 
lucky. :)


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