tk50's and dlt

Andrew K. Bressen akb+lists.cctalk at
Sun Jul 24 16:58:28 CDT 2005

Joe Heck said:
> I'd be real careful running them on a "fast" drive.  I just tried to
> archive about 120 TK50s and almost half of them stuck to the head
> because of the coating coming off and gumming up the head.

Al Kossow <aek at> writes:
> I had exactly the same experience a few months ago. The formulation
> of TK50s appear to 'shed', dumping residue when the tape reverses.
> If you are going to try it again, find a drive where you can easily
> access the head, so that you can clean it before EVERY attempt to
> read a tape.

OK, then, slow but steady it is.
Any thoughts on tkz50 versus tz30?

I've seen recomendations for cleaning
with vcr swabs and isopropyl; any caveats
or suggestions? 

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