A minor Adventure in Vintage Computing

James Rice jrice54 at blackcube.org
Mon Jul 25 09:05:46 CDT 2005

I knew Foxboro was old but didn't realize they were founded in 1908.  I 
remember working on pneumatic controls from Foxboro that were date coded 
in the 1930's.  This was in 1972-4 time frame at Anderson-Clayton Foods 
in Sherman, TX.  This was a  vegetable oil refinery that closed in 
2001-02 after being sold around 5-6 times since 1984..


Brent Hilpert wrote:

> I don't know a lot about Foxboro, I believe they were a spin-off or startup
>company in the 60s that were early entrants into the (then small and
>state-of-the-art) area of computer-based real-time process-control for large
>industrial plants. They are one of those names you don't run across much unless
>you run in those circles.

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