A minor Adventure in Vintage Computing

James Rice jrice54 at blackcube.org
Mon Jul 25 09:00:01 CDT 2005

Foxboro is an old very large control and instrumentation company located 
of all places, Foxboro, MA.  Back in the old pneumatic control days 
until the mid to late 1980's Foxboro was the gold standard of 
instruments in a process industry.  They have always had a reputation of 
being very proud of their products.  They are now part of Invensys along 
with Robertshaw and some other old line instrument  makers.  
http://www.foxboro.com/us/eng/Homepage  Anything Foxboro produced will 
be highly propertiery and information will be hard to find outside of 
Foxboro or a plant that happens to own the equipment.

I worked in vegetable oil refining for almost 30 years as a electrical 
and control contractor.  I still have dreams of those old plants.


Brent Hilpert wrote:

> I don't know a lot about Foxboro, I believe they were a spin-off or startup
>company in the 60s that were early entrants into the (then small and
>state-of-the-art) area of computer-based real-time process-control for large
>industrial plants. They are one of those names you don't run across much unless
>you run in those circles.
> Additional comments about Foxboro and their systems from those who may know
>more appreciated.

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