HP 98xx manuals

Christian R. Fandt cfandt at netsync.net
Mon Jul 25 10:02:01 CDT 2005

HP 9000/300 manuals!!!? Bring 'em on! Especially 9000/340 and up models.

At 20:05 24-07-05, Al Kossow wrote:

>    I guess you don't have the manuals for this. AFIK I have the full set of
>manuals for BASIC 5.1 along with a bunch of other useful related HP manuals
>such as the HP 9826/9836 and HP 9000/300 Series Computer Installation
>manuals, various peripheral configuration manuals, BASIC 2.1 and 3.0
>manuals, HPL manual, Pascal manuals, Self-Study Guide to Instrument
>Interfacing using HP Basic, FSD Customer Engineering Manual and more.  This
>stuff needs to be made available to the everyone. Al has asked about
>borrowing the stuff and scanning it and I've told him that he can but we
>haven't done anythng to make it happen yet. But it's about time that we
>did. How about it Al?  Do you have time to do this stuff yet?

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