device programmer recommendations?

Jay West jwest at
Mon Jul 25 20:40:55 CDT 2005

Joe wrote...
>   It sounds like you need a DATA I/O model 29B. But you'll have to find a
> separate plug-in for the PALs.  OTOH have you checked out the current crop
> of NEW PC based programmers? Some of them offer great features and their
> price is very reasonable.  Check E-bay, a lot of times the manufacturers
> will sell a few there just to get product exposure.  Let us know what you
> end up with.

I'm quite fond of my Data I/O 29B, for several reasons. First, I insisted on 
a unit that COULD be hooked up to a PC, but didn't HAVE to be. In 
otherwords, I wanted something that could be used totally standalone - 
operated from it's own front panel. However, it needed to be able to 
interface with a host for storing images and retrieving images (being 
controlled completely by the host was an unnecessary but nice bonus). 
Lastly, it had to program all the old stuff, lots of different bipolars & 

The 29B fills all those requirements nicely. They are fairly frequent on 
Ebay, and hence not extremely costly. Mine has a fair number of add-on 
adapters, including PAL/GAL stuff (which I haven't used yet). Parts are all 
around. Full schematics are easily found. Good unit. I don't like the newer 
ones that require a PC.


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