What is an HP98616?

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Mon Jul 25 22:57:28 CDT 2005

At 11:35 PM 7/25/05 +0100, you wrote:
>>    Regarding the serial number, IIRC it is stored in an EEPROM in the later
>> machines but in the early ones it is in the BootROM. At least that's what I
>> seem to recall. I've never hacked the hardware on these machines so I'm
>> just going on what I've heard or read.
>I don't think so. I think the boot ROM -- the ROMs containing the 
>executable code -- are the same on all machines of a particular type. 
>There is no serial number stored in them. The service manual implies 
>there's a separate ID ROM, a little, looks to be bipolar, thing. 
>I can't easily get to my 9836, and anyway I don't know what CPU board I 
>have (the first 2 versions of the CPU/RA< board don't have the ID PROM at 
>all). When I dig it out I'll let you know what I find.
>>    I guess you don't have the manuals for this. AFIK I have the full set of
>> manuals for BASIC 5.1 along with a bunch of other useful related HP manuals
>No specific manuals for this disk set, no. I have HP BASIC documentation 
>for other systems, but that doesn't cover configuration.
>I have the 9826/9836 service manual from Jon Johnston (the chap who runs 
>hpmuseum.net). It's a boardswapper guide, of course,

  Somewhere I have a 9826 service manual that's pretty complete. I haven't
looked at it in a long time but I know if had schematics and I'm about 95%
sure that it had a detailed parts list as well.  I came across several
service manuals today but I didn't look at them, I just packed them up to
go to Al.

 but with some useful 
>information in it (read : stuff that would take more than 10 seconds to 
>work out from looking at the mahcine). It's often the way with HP service 
>manuals, much of it is obvious, but there's often something that really 
>helps with understanding the machine if you read it with a hackish eye.
>> such as the HP 9826/9836 and HP 9000/300 Series Computer Installation
>> manuals, various peripheral configuration manuals, BASIC 2.1 and 3.0
>> manuals, HPL manual, Pascal manuals, Self-Study Guide to Instrument
>> Interfacing using HP Basic, FSD Customer Engineering Manual and more.  This
>I am not sure I specificially need any of that at the moment...
>> stuff needs to be made available to the everyone. Al has asked about
>> borrowing the stuff and scanning it and I've told him that he can but we
>But putting it on bitsacers would be a very Good Thing!

    Well that's finally in the works!


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