Post/pin combination...

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at
Tue Jul 26 15:18:54 CDT 2005

I just got the two Sol enhancement boards I recently won on ebay.
They appear to be designed to integrate into the Sol mainly via
the removal of a number of chips on the main board and plugging
the upgrade boards into the sockets.  To accomplish this, the boards
have a large number of post/pin parts soldered onto the boards with
the pin ends pointing down.  On one board, two of the pins are broken
off.  The parts are gold plated, about 2cm in length total.  The post
part is about 1.2cm long and a little less than 1mm in diameter.
Then, there is a short section that looks like what you would expect
a pin from a quality machined pin dip socket to look like if you took
it out of the plastic.  It is about 4mm long varying diameter between
1.5mm and 2mm.  Then comes the pin itself about 4mm long, less than
.5mm in diameter.  I can't seem to find a source for these.

Any ideas appreciated,

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