ST-506 hard drive emulation

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Jul 26 15:02:47 CDT 2005

> > Correct. Don't uou have at least one ST506/ST412-interfaced drive schematic?
> Nope, unfortunately not :-( I've got various manuals for bridge boards,
> which of course have the connector pin-outs in (and give some of the
> theory), but nothing for a complete hard drive (I suppose I'mactually
> surprised such schematics ever escaped the drive manufactuers to be
> honest, as presumably ST506/412 units were never supposed to be field
> servicable?)

THe HDAs were not field-repairable, but the PCBs certainly were/are. 

The IBM PC series TechResf contain schematics of some such drives (which 
ones depends on exactly which version fo the TechRef amd which updates 
you have). I've traced out a couple more. In general these drives are not 
particularly complicated, although there may well be ASICs for things 
like head switching, motor control, etc.

I must get at least one of the latter diagrems to you ay some point.


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