FORTRAN 77 on PDP-11

Jerome H. Fine jhfinexgs2 at
Tue Jul 26 22:25:31 CDT 2005

I have been having some fun with Prime Numbers using FORTRAN 77
under RT-11 on a PDP-11.  Since I rapidly run out of the capacity of
32 bit numbers (INTEGER * 4 NUMBER), I have started to use
64 bit values (REAL * 8 NUMBER) but the conversion routines
leave a lot to be desired on output.  When using F32.0, I can count
on only about 15 digits of accuracy even though the values are often
accurate to an exact integer.

If needed, I can write my own conversion routines, but I though I
might inquire if anyone knows of any libraries which are exact or
better still, multi-precision libraries which can handle up to 128 bit

Can anyone

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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