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maurice smulders maurice.smulders at
Fri Jul 22 13:04:03 CDT 2005

Pat Fitzpatrick wrote:

> As for the HP64000s, the consoles are ok, but the disk drive drowned. From a quick search, I'm not real optimistic about finding another HPIB disk drive and I'm not too excited about plunging into this one to try and fix him (he was running when the waters came and he smells very bad). Has anyone ever taught a PC (for example) with a GPIB card to think it's a CS80 Drive?? Does anyone have a spare disk gathering dust? Failing that, does anyone (besides me) still use these things? The consoles are probably too heavy to ship, but I have lots of cards, software, manuals etc in working order if anyone needs them.
I started a project on Sourceforge (softcs80) to do that. I found the
specs on bitsavers (Thanks Al) and they don't look to terribly bad...
If only a PCI GPIB card would be a bit cheaper...

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