...still looking for MS-Fortran for ANY DOS puter

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Thu Jul 28 15:19:57 CDT 2005

   Do you just want copies of the files or are you looking for the disks
and manuals?  I have MS Fortran V1 and Professional (RM?) Fortran V1 for
the IBM PC. They're not for sale but I can copy the disks.  Also have MS
Cobol v1 and v1 of most other IBM PC langagues.


At 09:53 PM 7/26/05 -0700, you wrote:
>> Ssssh... is this what are you looking for:
>Much obliged man, but in reality I was looking for
>something tre old, like version 1 or 2. I have MS
>COBOL 2.0 and something called COBAL for the TI Pro
>computer. I just can't get all that worked up over
>COBOL, but it might be fun to throw together a short
>program one of these days. You know, for fun :).
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