ST-506 hard drive emulation

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jul 29 18:58:17 CDT 2005

> Jules Richardson wrote:
> > Because they were never sold presumably, unlike gearbox bearings.
> > Presumably there are parts of a hard disk that never left the factory
> > except in a complete drive.
> Nah, all bearings are standard.

Yes, and the spindle motor bearings in an ST506 are probably standard too 
(although with considerably less run-out than any car gearbox bearing 
I've seen!). The problems are  :

1) Fittlng new beraings to the spindle motor (which was assembled with a 
press, and which wasn't designed to ever come apart

2) Bearing failure is not a common problem in these drives. Other parts 
are a lot more speciallised.


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