Analog modem emulator?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Jul 31 12:50:18 CDT 2005

> Just curious...has there ever been a device available to anyone's
> knowledge that functions like an analog phone line and allows
> transmission via TCPIP?

Yes and no.  I've seen such devices in the form of cards that plug into
computers; with a little software, this adds up to what you describe.

They tend to have a fairly small market - generally people working on
telephony development of one sort or another - but they do exist.
(They tend to be somewhat expensive, in part because they're
complicated and in part because they're a low-volume item.)

You might also look at PBX systems; it may be easier to "forge" a T1 or
whatever into a PBX than individual POTS lines.  (That is, I'm
suggesting a small PBX and a computer, with a (vary short) link between
them, so the PBX thinks the computer is its upstream CO.)

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