VCF Midwest update?

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Sun Jul 31 18:21:49 CDT 2005

Bill Sudbrink declared on Sunday 31 July 2005 12:17 pm:
> Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > On Sunday 31 July 2005 00:16, 'Computer Collector Newsletter' wrote:
> > > Would love to hear from anyone who attended today -- how'd it go?
> >
> > Everyone I talked to seemed to think it went fantastically,
> > especially for a first time event.  We ended up with 12 exhibitors
> > (including 1 that showed up at the event with no warning), and all 8
> > vendor and consignment tables will filled up.
> >
> > The estimated head count for the exhibits was about 70 (paid)
> > people, which was a little less than expected, but still a pretty
> > good turnout. I think we had a slightly smaller turnout (~50) for
> > the speakers.
> Pictures, pictures please.

Ok, my roommate has just posted the pictures he took.  They don't yet 
have descriptions, but that's something I can work on over the next 
couple days...

The first pic its what I brought for the consignment sale myself.  Pics 
4141-4149 are of Ethan's talk; "4147" has me on the left, and Ethan 
Dicks on the right.  Pics 4150-4152 are of Hans's talk, 4153-4160 are of 
Ray's talk, 4161 is me messing with the a/v recording stuff, 4162 is of 
the cameraman (Alan Braunsdorf), and the rest are of exhibits.

I'll try to get proper labels and digitized video of the speakers made 

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