VCF Midwest update?

Jay West jwest at
Sun Jul 31 21:13:13 CDT 2005

Pat wrote....
> Would love to hear from anyone who attended today -- how'd it go?

Well, I just got back late afternoon today. As usual, it was a great time.

I was extremely impressed because of the turnout. To be honest, I wasn't 
expecting much because it was the first time - and when I last checked the 
exhibitor list was pretty small (all to be expected for a first midwest 
event). I was very pleasantly suprised. There was quite a few vendors and I 
found the speakers interesting. There seemed to be a pretty good amount of 
hardware movement from the sale tables I saw too :>

I think Pat deserves a huge thank you for pulling it all together so well! 
Kudo's Pat!

While the show itself was a resounding success, my favorite part was just 
hanging out and BS'ing with all the folks from the list. Immensely fun.

Jay West
PS - No Trailer Incident this year :>

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