Intel UPP103 Cable

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I appreciate you taking a look this cable information.  I have the MDS
signal definitions in the MDS schematics.  I know what signals are on the
MDS end.  I just have no way of knowing where they go
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> >I have a Intel MDS-800 and a UPP-103.  I don't have the cable that
connects the
> two units.  Both units have DB-25 D-type connectors.  Does anyone have a
> diagram of this cable.
> >
> Hi
>  I think I have it someplace. There are about 3 or 4 lines
> that need to be twisted pairs with a ground lead. The original
> used a bundle of twisted pairs that had black leads for the
> one twisted lead. I many cases, the black leads carried data
> signals and not ground. The cable manufacture only checked that
> the cable had continuity and not that the right pairs
> were twisted.
>  When I worked at Intel, I made a checker that would display
> the number of incorrect twisted pairs by doing a transformer
> coupling of the wires.
>  It may take me a while to look for the programmer cable
> drawings. Hopefully, Joe or Dave can find one quicker.
> Dwight

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