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Wed Jun 1 22:50:12 CDT 2005

> [...] password reminder emails [...]

> Before I did into this in detail, I thought I'd ask the rest of the
> list.  Who all thinks password reminders should not be sent monthly?

Provided there is a way to provoke such a reminder, clearly findable
from the list admin bot's help response, I'd just as soon junk the
monthly message.

Not because it involves sending the password in the clear; I never use
that password for anything anyway (not even its purported purpose; I
can't remember ever using the password from one of those monthly
reminder emails for *anything*, and I get them from something like half
a dozen lists).

> On the one hand, I'm not keen about sending passwords in plain text
> (but I assume people here don't use the same password for all their
> accounts, right?).

I always let list managers that want to assign me passwords choose them
themselves, so they generally aren't the same as any of my other
passwords, no. :-)

> On the other hand, the reminders also include information about how
> to unsubscribe, maintain your settings, etc.  Those probably save me
> some time answering questions.

Not questions from me, so I'm probably not a very useful data point.
Whom you really need to hear from, it seems to me, is the people who
*do* use those monthly reminders for something.  I find them totally
unnecessary clutter, but at one per month per list (and not all the
lists I'm on, either), it's a thorougly tolerable level of totally
unnecessary clutter.

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