Question about PDF manipulation

Tom Jennings tomj at
Thu Jun 2 00:28:11 CDT 2005

>> Please do not waste any time making new PDF documents,

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Eric Smith wrote:

> Please don't waste any time complaining about PDF documents.  In many
> cases, you're lucky to get the data in any form at all.

D'OH!! :-)

I recently saw the most impressive PDF I've ever seen -- on, a catalog page -- presented as PDF -- had
hyperlinks on product catalog numbers to the "shopping cart"
mechanism. QUite nice.

While I do believe PDFs are often abused and partially deserve
their bloated reputation (Adobe pushes them too much) they can be
used properly as containers for multiple-component documents.

It's unfortunate that it's so much work to hand-type or "OCR" old
documents to produce PDFs as lovely as MSC's.

I've offered to help out with automation to produce PDFs or other
efficient containers for a thousand or so scanned pages (TIFFs) to
be bundled into chapter-sized chunks.

(It's an American Motors factory parts catalog -- a year's
automobile product line broken down into parts down to the
solitary screw.)

Does anyone have any references to cookbooks/how-to's on how to go
about doing this sort of thing?

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