IBM 8513 monitors

Liam Proven lproven at
Thu Jun 2 10:12:58 CDT 2005

This is the original IBM VGA monitor from 1987.

I'm still using one of these alongside my classic Model M keyboards.
I'm keeping it to go with my original (but now heavily tricked-out)
PS/2 Model 80-A21 (16MB RAM! 1.3GB of SCSI disk! CD! NIC! Windows NT
Server 3.51 SP5! (All right, it does also have PC DOS 7 and OS/2 Warp
Server 4, but I can't get Warp to talk to the NIC, so that's just a
curiosity, whereas NT runs like a dream on it. Rock solid, just

However, of the 2 8513s I have, one no longer shows an image. It's
just silently died. The power LED comes on but the screen is blank. I
have another 8513 in very occasional service at a client of mine's but
I plan to rescue it if they ever bin it.

Does the list think anyone would want a dead 8513, for repair or
whatever, or should I just bin this venerable VDU after 18yr of loyal

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