Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Jun 2 15:19:03 CDT 2005

Just scored (and received in the mail today) something off ebay I've been 
wanting for some time.

There was a nice 8 page foldout color brochure with intact "more info" 
mail-in card for the HP2000 (TSB) computer system there, mint condition. I 
halfheartedly bid, because I couldn't tell for sure if the brochure was for 
the general HP2000 stuff or if it was specific to TSB. Turns out it was 
quite specific to TSB and it's simply gorgeous.

Am I the only collector that actually ponders sending in warranty cards or 
sales response cards (as a joke) for a product that was discontinued 30 
years ago? I always giggle about the look on the recipients face. But I'd 
never write on an original card :)

Now I need to see if Kinkos can blow the cover up into a nice marketing 
poster to frame and hang on the wall next to the old girl - since I can't 
seem to find any real HP2000 posters.

On another note... the brochure reminded me that there are a few bits and 
pieces of HP2000/TSB software that I've never found. They aren't terribly 
critical, but I want to be complete. Would anyone have copies of any of the 
following HP software on mag tape?

SDE/2000 (source data entry)
EDITOR/2000 (duh)
TSP/2000-HASP (telecommunications supervisory package)
FCOPY/2000 (file utility)

I think FCOPY I already have on the MCP tape, but I think the others were 
separate tapes.

In addition, it would be rather neat to have a copy of the CAI (computer 
assisted instruction), IDF (instructional dialogue facility), and CWF 
(course writing facility) software load tapes. I actually used IDF on the 
HP2K at my high school, but it'd be nice to find all these optional software 


Jay West

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