IBM 5155 analogue display fault

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jun 2 17:07:59 CDT 2005

> > But PCB tracks can be easily un-cut -- just solder a piece of wire
> > over the break. Wire-wrap wire (stripped, of course) is ideal for
> > this.
> > 
> Yikes!
> I am the guy who in the past has had to figure out what the HECK is
> wrong with a board, where somebody 'just tacked a piece of wire along
> the track.'  Such forms of modification/repair often _disguise_ a wiring

I have _never_ had a problem doing  this (read : I've never had such a 
repair fail, even after <n> years). Now a blob of solder across a break 
will _not_ hold, you must put the wire there.

I typically put at least 1/2" of wire on each side of the break and 
solder it down.  


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