2004 VCF East Pictures...

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Here you go: http://www.users.vance.net/grayarea/marx/jw1237jay.html

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Sellam wrote....
> You were really scarce.  I think I saw you once when you came to 
> introduec yourself and then you disappeared :(  I can't remember if 
> you came along with use for dinner because I was dead tired by then.

Hey I was there, you must have just been tired! I talked to pretty much
everyone - just didn't seem to appear in any pictures. I spent most of my
time with Dan Cohoe and Bob Shannon though. Sellam, you and I talked a bunch
out there, and yes I was at dinner. Sat next to Dan and his wife... I think
Mr. Donzelli was one seat away. I was at the end of the U-shaped table
closest to the north.

As I recall, I spent most of my time hurridly looking for someone to take
the other two empty HP racks I had for the two people who didn't take them. 
Well, I also spent some time getting tires replaced on a certain trailer ;)

But, if anyone does have any pictures of VCF/East in boston that have me in
them, I'd love a copy!


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