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>> PC's can run either open source or closed source OS's.
> Does Acrobat run under any of the open-source ones?  Is Acrobat itself
> free (at least as-in-beer)?  And I'm still not about to sink my own
> time into the rathole of sysadminning the machine, not with
> closed-source software on it (even if the OS is open).

The closed source Acrobat reader is available for Linux and there are 
several open source packages.

>> I don't know of any classic computer that came out with open source
>> DOS's (but a few open source monitors).
>  None of my machines, classic or not, run the OS they came with
> (if any); I'm here for the hardware, not the software, side of things.
> (When I have the OS, I have a copy of it archived, but I don't do
> anything with them; they're against the day when I do find a reason to,
> or for a putative someone else.)

The point was that anyone that wants to be able to easily handle PDF's can 
do so very cheaply and are not required to deal with either Micro$loth or 

The arguments over open source vs. closed source are side non-issues.  More 
to the point people complaining over Windoze being a closed system misses 
the point that this group is filled with people that never gave a thought to 
open source OS's when they got their classic systems.

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