Screw Drivers and PDF Files

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Fri Jun 3 09:29:15 CDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 10:11 -0400, Paul Koning wrote:
> >>>>> "der" == der Mouse <mouse at> writes:
>  >> PC's can run either open source or closed source OS's.
>  der> Does Acrobat run under any of the open-source ones?  Is Acrobat
>  der> itself free (at least as-in-beer)? 
> Yes, and yes.  Adobe recently released an update of Acrobat for Linux
> (for a long time they hadn't gone beyond V5; recently they released V7
> which I believe is the current version).  I've used both on my Linux
> (Fedora 1) system.  Both work, though V7 is clearly better.  

I'd disagree there - V7 eats up 100MB of disk space, and doesn't seem
any faster or better at rendering than V5 was (plus it takes a lot
longer to start up).

Either version seems better able to handle large files and have better
rengering quality than the competition though, which I think says more
about how bad the competition is than how good Acrobat is :-(

(V7 install here moans about a "PPKLite" plugin on startup, whatever
that does. Doesn't seem to actually break anything though)

I suppose Adobe are forced to pile ever more features that hardly anyone
needs into each release of Acrobat because there's no other direction
they can take. Personally I'd rather they lost 90% of the bloat and came
up with a clean, small-footprint reader that just did the things needed
by most common PDF files :-(  



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