Help collecting gear from west of Chicago

Rich Sias richlist at
Fri Jun 3 13:17:51 CDT 2005

** Reply to message from Dennis Boone <drb at> on Fri, 03 Jun 2005
10:35:10 -0400

> The CPU is a PDP-11/44 with additional labels indicating it was a
> Teradyne Teranet ATE Networking System, whatever that is.  In addition
> to the CPU, the tall cabinet (purple and orange DEC banner across the
> top) contains a serial mux, a DEC battery backup, two RL02s, and an

Wow you got a piece of a Teradyne test system! What a haul!
I programmed the L210 and the L300 models. This may be an older one.
Seems like you got the CPU and one of the peripherial cabinets.
You missed out one the bed-of-nails test bed wtih all the vacum hoses and press
down pull up etc mechanics.
The Peripherial cab had voltage supplys, current supplys, digital multimeters,
other test instruments, sig generators, etc.
All were programmed and read by the CPU via the cross matrix switch.
That bed-of-nails cabinet is larger than the old GSA iron desks from the 40's.
Probably weighed 2-3 k lbs by itself.


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