Screw Drivers and PDF Files

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Jun 3 20:46:04 CDT 2005

>> What about a PDF that I need to use some distance from my computer,
>> but is not printable?
> In what situation would a PDF not be printable?  I don't get your
> point.

I didn't write that, but I did, not so very long ago, run into a PDF
that was not printable.  Upon converting to PostScript (my printer
doesn't grok PDF), it included a call to colorimage or whatever the
operator is for rendering colour images, and my printer errored out on

Of course, this didn't make it totally impossible to print.  I could
have coaxed ghostscript into rendering it into a ppm file, massaged it
into pgm or pbm, and then printed that.  But it certainly did raise the
effort bar far enough that I either abandoned the task or used other
approaches, I can't recall which.  (There is very little that is truly
impossible in computers with application of sufficient effort,
ingenuity, and patience....)

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