SGS UX8-22 CP/M System and WD-1000 controller + Hard Disk

SP spedraja at
Sat Jun 4 17:39:50 CDT 2005

Well, I've read more in depth the documentation that comes with the UX8-20
and I have clear now how it manage the Hard Disk matter.

In appeareance the Floppy controller can manage up to FOUR floppy disk units
of 8". In addition, it has one interface with one WD-1000 controller.

So, what I need is one vintage WD-1000 controller plus the corresponding
Hard Disk of  4mb-5mb.

I don't know in what format these items appeared years ago, but something
makes me think in some kind of external enclosure with the 8" disk inside
plus the WD-1000 controller, with the PSU inside and one 5-pin interface to
the outside world.

Is this so ? And, more important... Has someone something similar to this ?
I have one shugart 8" hard disk of 8" recently purchased and in appeareance
in working condition... I should need the rest.


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