Nascom 2 floppy drive usefulness...

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Jun 6 17:55:29 CDT 2005

> Urgh. I can't decide whether to add a connector for a floppy disk to the
> connector panel on this Nascom 2 case that I'm building. I don't *have*

I wouldn't bother. My Nascom doesn't have an FDC either.

> a FDC board for it anyway, plus I only have a 2-slot backplane (at the
> moment; there's room in the box for 7 or 8 boards probably).

Let me guess, you've got a DRAM card in the other slot.

At one point, 4118 SRAM chips, used on the main Nascom board, were very 
hard to get. The machine was supplied with none of said chip (or maybe 
one, used in the video circuit, I forget), but with a 16K DRAM board and 
a 2 slot backplane.

It is possible to do a cut-n-jumper mod to put 6116s in the Nascom board, 
I believe.

> What's the maximum cable length for a floppy drive anyway?

Quite long (at least 1m) if correctly terminated.


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